The evolutionary process is going somewhere. And now, maybe for the first time in history, we can decide with more conscious awareness where it's going. But our ability to do that depends entirely upon who we understand ourselves to be. What part of our self are we identifying with? Is it the personal psychological ego, or the conditioned habits and beliefs of our culturally created self-sense? Or is it the deeper, more authentic self that we discover when we awaken to the impulse to evolve? When we make the effort to identify more with the vertically moving energy of the impulse to evolve than with the horizontal pull of the personal ego and cultural self, everything changes !!! .  We transcend the enormous weight of our own predetermined conditioning and open ourselves up to the liberating experience of that part of the cosmos that is trying to evolve through us in every moment. We make ourselves available to that powerful telos, and when we do we become profoundly transformed. Now our attention has shifted from the conditioned past to the ever-ecstatic immediacy of the possible, here and now.


Andrew Cohen

En esta sección hemos colocado algunos videos que hablan sobre la gran transformación que estamos viviendo. Obviamente todos tienen una perspectiva parcial, trata de ver si puedes reconocer una verdad mas allá de todas estas visiones individuales ¿Cómo sientes, como ves esta realidad cambiante ?